Wasson Guitars uses advanced solid modeling to simulate the design of the guitar before it is built.  This can aid in helping customers get a feel for what their guitar will look like.  Customers can also be a part of the build and help determine, for example, if the body has been carved deep enough.  This real-time player/builder interaction during both design and fabrication is part of what separates Wasson Guitars from the rest.

You already own guitars built on production lines and maybe even one that has custom inlays and finish.  A Wasson guitar is designed and custom built from the ground up to suit your style and taste.  You can help Kevin design and stylize your own unique guitar, starting from the body contour and ending with the neck profile. Anything is fair game to being customized, so long as the sound, action, and integrity of the guitar won’t be compromised.  In the end, you’ll own a hand-crafted gem that plays and sounds like a dream.

Contact:  info@wassonguitars.com

Wasson Guitars

Elmira, NY  USA