Kevin Wasson is a different type of guitar builder.  He is a fine instrument craftsman with a background in science and engineering.  When you see a guitar that he has painstakingly hand crafted, you will understand his love of the deep artistry and beauty of fine electric guitars. When you play one, you will also appreciate the mathematics that he used to design and perfect it.


Kevin has a doctorate in mechanical engineering from M.I.T.  He is an expert in machine tool design and vibrations in structures.  He has won awards for his patented inventions and engineering accomplishments.  He also happens to be a master craftsman who loves working with his hands.  The challenge of building a world class guitar was enough to draw him into the business.  Combining the science and artistry of making a fine mechanical instrument became an obsession.


Wasson Guitars

Elmira, NY USA

Kevin holds the first guitar he ever made, before finishing.  It was a solid mahogany body, flame maple neck, ebony fretboard.  It was made entirely by hand, before he even owned a bandsaw.  The guitar looked and played great.